How to Find The Best Service For Car Rental in Chicago

December 10, 2022


Your vacation time has finally arrived. You’ve got some money in your pocket looking for a new home. You love your car, but you want to spend your me-time in something that’s just that… a little more you. So you decide you want to rent a car from a better car rental service provider in Chicago; experience freedom with a bit of extra swag without committing to the long-term financial burden that specialty cars call for. 

If you want to go home happy after you hand the keys back over, there’s a little more to the project than googling car rentals near me. Buckle up for Renowned Rentals’ guide to finding the best car rental in Chicago.


This might seem like an odd one to have at the top of the list, but you should be shopping for your rental car the same way you shop for your hotel rooms. No matter the selection, the appearance, or the price, the first priority is finding out: is it clean? The same issues that plague a hotel room can translate to cars, and you don’t want any permanent guests, like bed bugs, finding their way into the fine print. A Chicago car rental service worth your time and money will be happy to disclose the details of the routine care of their cars. 

Precision of Choice

If you’re a Porsche enthusiast, you don’t just tell a dealer, Hey, I want to rent a Porsche. Same for any Ferrari, Mercedes, Cadillac, and so on. When you love a car, you know specific models and makes and specs. The more delineation a rental dealer has, (Porsche 911, Porsche Macan, Porsche Boxter S) the better. 

Price Range

Car rental, especially luxury car rental, is more affordable than car ownership. But more affordable and affordable are not mutually exclusive. Some companies want to make sure that you pay handsomely for the experience of a car you don’t have. Deciding your price range at the outset will keep you from making spending decisions you’ll regret later. It will also help shield you from the car rentals that know how to push for a sale. They will try to get your decisions to fire off on your emotions, and emotions can punch holes in a wallet. If a rental is too steep, put your foot down and move on to the next option. 


You’re a conscientious driver. That doesn’t mean that everyone else on the road in Chicago is. Get the facts—Is the rental car insured? Does the insurance cover just the driver? Does it cover any injuries you or your passengers might sustain? What, if anything, would you be personally responsible for in an accident? These are the questions some people are hoping you don’t ask, and you need to ask them upfront.

Car Delivery

This is a huge plus if you’re not from around Chicago. Even if you are, there’s no denying that it’s a big place and time spent picking up a car eats into the precious hours that could be spent getting an early start on your adventure. Renowned Rentals, for example, will see to it that you get into a Porsche once you get off the plane. That caliber of courtesy bleeds into the rest of their customer experiences. 

Customer Service

You don’t want a great experience with an excellent car to be ruined by a bad experience with terrible customer service. You’re doing more than renting a car. You’re renting an experience and trusting that the service is providing you with the experience you showed up for. You’re also expecting it to be a safe, secure experience tailored to your needs and the needs of the people with you. A worthwhile rental service will treat you the same way before and after your signature on contracts on any payments you make. 

You're Ready

Cover these bases and the rest should be smooth sailing. But there’s an even easier option on the table. We know how important it is to hit these beats because they’re a regular part of our own service—we’re Renowned Rentals in Chicago. Our cars are clean, affordable, and protected on the road. If you want to take an extra bite out of the hassle of searching for the best car rental service in Chicago, just pay us a visit. 

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